MEDITATION      with Dianne Kenny


An introductory course suitable for all.

During this course we will explore some traditional practices of meditation, calming the ‘monkey mind’ to develop a deeper sense of inner quiet. As we strengthen the ‘inner sanctuary’ we are more able to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life, feeling less stressed and more centred.

We will practise a variety of techniques utilising the breath, sound (including mantra) and visualisation.

The course will include walking meditations and practices from different traditions including the Buddhist meditation of compassion and the Eastern energy system of the chakras.

Most of these practices are seated, either on the floor or on a chair.

There will be opportunities to discuss and share our practice.

The course is led by Dianne Kenny, owner and Director of the Courtyard Centre:

‘I first went to India in 1970, where I lived and studied for several years, and have been practising Yoga and meditation ever since and teaching for more than 35 years. I have studied many traditions, including the Yogic, Buddhist, Sufi and Kabbalistic. However, it is not the variety of practice that is important but the quality and depth that develops over time. Meditation has been a wonderful mainstay in my life, helping me to manage the many challenges that have crossed my path, allowing me to live more fully and freely and to understand my own journey more wisely.’



6 - 7pm    - Drop in class (must have completed course)

7 - 8pm - 7 week course starting 5 June  2018


11 - 12pm - 7 week course starting 7 June 2018




Members:          £60
Non-members:  £64

Drop in classes (must have completed course)

Members:          £7.00 per class
Non-members:  £7.50 per class



Courses must be booked and paid for in advance of the start date.

Course reservations will not be confirmed until payment is made.

Please ensure you can attend the majority of the course as we cannot offer refunds, transfers or exchanges for missed sessions.

In certain circumstances it may be possible for you to join a course after the start date.

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